Designing tomorrow’s digital document processes

Effective document processes and digital archiving with PROXESS document management solutions.

Automate your document processes

Distribute documents automatically

PROXESS quickly reads and interprets your incoming documents and easily assigns and distributes these using predefined processes.

Map workflows consistently

Create transparency across departments and use digital workflows to ensure that your document processes comply with your competency descriptors.

Implement processes across multiple sites

Increase the response time of your digital processes, even across multiple sites, and optimize their interaction.

In good company

Over 2,600 customers use our document management system. From SMEs to large groups with multiple sites. Choose PROXESS as the solution partner for your document management and you will be in good company.

Our employees are very happy, because filing and searching for documents is easy, convenient and much quicker than before. 

The automatic document recognition of our incoming invoices allows us to streamline and optimize our accounts payable processes.

PROXESS and our own solution, eNVenta ERP, are seamlessly interlinked, thereby making our day-to-day business much easier.