Digital contract management

Get rid of heavy ring binders and manage your contract documents digitally.

Improve information transparency and optimize your company’s contract management processes. Use digital templates and workflows to create and manage your contracts, such as leasing, rental, service, purchasing and cooperation agreements. Integrated deadline management means you will never miss a notice period again. Remote access? Not a problem! The web-based solution ensures that everyone involved has access to important contract information from any location, and even remotely, using a PC or tablet.

Create transparency

Intuitive search and filter functions allow everyone involved to locate contract-related documents and associated information quickly and easily. No laborious searching for contracts in different departments, no borrowing or coping files, no costs for creating additional personal archives.

Never miss a deadline again

Do you know when the next contract expires or needs to be terminated? Contracts are often automatically renewed, even though they are no longer efficient for the company. Our digital contract management automatically sends you e-mail reminders of all deadlines so that you never lose track.

Archive contracts in a legally secure manner

On request, all contracts are archived along with the corresponding transaction data in the tamper-proof PROXESS Archive, and also in a separate archive with special security mechanisms. If necessary, a transaction that has already been completed can be reactivated from the archive for further processing.

Other benefits of digital contract management

“PROXESS Contract Management ensures that we never miss any dates or deadlines and creates transparency. We always know the whereabouts of every contract and can access it from anywhere in the world.”

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