Digitally issue outgoing invoices via e-mail and automatically archive them
Electronic billing can generate huge savings as a result of leaner corporate processes. Avoid annoying cross-media conversion, encourage the digitization of your processes, while archiving your outgoing invoices in a legally compliant manner.

eBilling also improves your liquidity because your customers receive your electronic invoice within seconds. This reduces the time between invoicing and receipt of payment while also meeting all the statutory requirements.

Time and cost savings

The analogue dispatch of printed invoices is time-consuming and extremely costly: from materials through postage to the time invested. All of which can be avoided by sending an electronic invoice via e-mail. The right person instantly receives the electronic invoice, without having to wait for the post.

Easy integration

It is extremely easy to implement the eBilling module in your DMS, as only the final outgoing invoice and e-mail recipient from your ERP or materials management system are required. The DMS automatically sends the invoice to the stored e-mail address, while the sent e-mail and invoice attachment are archived in compliance with standard accounting principles.

Legally compliant

The standard accounting principles published by the Federal Ministry of Finance are the basis for the requirements for digital invoices. Traditional printed invoices and electronic invoices are treated in the same way. eBilling also meets all other standard accounting principles in terms of the IT systems used.

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“Within four months of its introduction, we were able to issue 19 percent of all our invoices electronically. And this figure is set to increase in future.”

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