PROXESS® Contract Management

Use PROXESS Contract Management to bundle your entire contract portfolio in a single system.
Thanks to the central digital data management, everyone involved always has access to important documents and can instantly view the processing status of a contract file. Approval processes, deadline adherence and contract monitoring can also be easily controlled.

Workflow from creation to conclusion

PROXESS Contract Management supports the entire contract life cycle, from initial draft contract to contract signing. Documents are digitally routed through the company, making it much easier to cooperate across departments and locations. Transactions no longer come to a standstill and documents no longer go missing. Defined deputization arrangements and escalation steps therefore ensure the timely processing of transactions. Creation and editing are supported by version and template management, which documents the individual processing steps.

Automatic deadline monitoring

Contracts that are unintentionally renewed, extensive retrieval efforts
or bad decisions made on the basis of inadequate information all have a negative impact on a company’s results. This need not be the case. PROXESS Contract Management will structure your contract management in order to optimally support staff in this business-critical area. You are in control of all your contract deadlines and are notified in plenty of time of contracts that are about to expire. Users are notified of approaching deadlines and upcoming contractual tasks—via a personal e-mail, on request.

Quickly locate documents and information

Thanks to intuitive search and filter functions, contract-related documents are instantly available. There is no more laborious searching for contracts in different departments, no more borrowing or copying files. Costs for printers and maintenance, paper and labor can be noticeably reduced. Central digital data and document management allows everyone to access contract-related data and documents at any time, including any e-mails or invoices associated with a contract (e.g. T&Cs, NDAs and correspondence). PROXESS Contract Management ensures that you are always quickly and securely up to date.

Secure handling of confidential data

Contracts often contain sensitive, confidential data. The comprehensive authorization concept clearly defines the access rules. These can be determined per contract type, organizational unit, functional group or individual user. PROXESS Contract Management also supports authorization levels of varying quality, from read-only, to extensive editing and the evaluation of important financial data.

Detailed contract controlling

Integrated liquidity planning allows you to create multiple payment plans per contract. Budget and target figures as well as income and expenditure calculations per month, quarter or year are also possible, as are cumulative evaluations of payment plans for multiple contracts or contract types.

Modular integration concept

PROXESS Contract Management is a stand-alone solution, but it can also be expanded. When combined with PROXESS Archive, concluded contracts can be archived at the click of a mouse or automatically, in a legally compliant manner. This allows you to permanently and securely archive your contract documents. Users without access to contract management can also search for and view contracts in the archive. Full-text retrieval allows users to continue to locate archived contract folders via the PROXESS Contract Management client as well as to reactivate an archived transaction, if required. Standardized Java and XML interfaces also ensure the seamless integration of other external systems and databases.

Mobile access to contract data

Thanks to web technology, no local client installation is required. So you always have access to your contracts, even when out of the office or working remotely.

Functions at a glance

  • Central digital data management
  • Version and template management
  • Workflow from contract creation to conclusion
  • Automatic monitoring of deadlines and tasks

  • Mobile access via browser-based app
  • Integration into personal MS Outlook inbox
  • Convenient search and filter functions
  • Detailed authorization and access concept
  • Comprehensive controlling and evaluation tools
  • Optional integration into PROXESS Archive
  • Connection to other third-party systems via standard interfaces

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“Since we started using PROXESS software solutions, there has been a significant improvement in the transparency of our commercial processes, and we can now access all kinds of documents in a fraction of the time. It’s good to know that all our contracts and agreements are securely archived.”

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