HABEL DMS is the result of more than 30 years’ experience of developing document management solutions. Our robust on-premise solution is used by more than 1,800 customers worldwide. Our solution boasts a user-friendly interface and modular scalability. HABEL DMS will adapt to your requirements and grow with your company.

Tamper-proof archiving

The daily increase in the abundance of information in printed and digital format presents companies with perpetual challenges. In order to keep all employees immediately updated with information from suppliers and customers as well as business processes, HABEL DMS provides an intelligent solution that will perform the essential organization, distribution and security tasks within your company.

HABEL DMS protects, manages and organizes all the information from your company’s various documents, such as Office documents, CAD data, e-mails, etc., using an automated and fully tamper-proof process. Efficient interfaces (COLD archiving) guarantee the secure archiving of documents from ERP, CRM and accounting programs. High-performance scanners capture a multitude of printed documents within seconds and transfer these to the HABEL Document Management System.

Instantaneous document retrieval

HABEL DMS makes it extremely easy to locate archived data. Users can reliably access all the documents relating to a business transaction using convenient search masks and instantly gain a transparent overview. Anywhere, anytime. So that you are immediately able to deliver information in the event of any queries and are ready to make decisions during important business negotiations, allowing your company to remain competitive.

Various add-ons for your applications

Various solutions with practical tried and tested benefits are available, such as digital contract management for secure contract monitoring and digital personnel management for rapid access to employees’ personnel files, for example. There is also an encryption module for sensitive data. ZUGFeRD and XRechnung invoices can be processed using HABEL DMS. Optional document recognition reads text content and enables automatic document review and approval, up to and including automatic incoming invoice verification and posting. It is also possible to connect locations, to allow all information and documentation to be universally accessible in all branch offices across all sites.

Improved transparency with a digital workflow

HABEL DMS can be upgraded to include our workflow solution, allowing the automatic electronic distribution of documents within your company—quickly, easily and across all locations. This ensures that information can be continuously circulated, with much shorter lead times. And what’s more, every employee can always see where their documents are, along with their processing status. This eliminates printing, copying and shipping costs and also makes it easier to monitor deadlines and comply with authorization rules.

Digital document processing

Notes, bookmarks, official stamps and other tags can easily be attached to documents. And what’s more, previous versions of a document can be accessed using versioning. This way, any changes can be tracked at any time, along with the various work statuses. The optionally available export function to external media provides additional autonomy and flexible application.

Rapid, clear access to your documents

When entering a single search criterion—such as an order number—HABEL retrieval displays the entire transaction on the screen within seconds: inquiry, quote, order, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice and any other documents as well as any correspondence, providing information about the entire business transaction. How does it work? Quite simply: HABEL neatly stores all the receipts and documents for the corresponding transaction during the automated archiving process.

All advantages at a glance

  • User-friendly interface for instantaneous retrieval

  • Effortless archiving of various file types

  • Edit your documents by adding visual notes and stamps

  • Process creation, e.g. using project and order numbers

  • Microsoft Office plug-in

  • Supports ZUGFeRD and XRechnung

  • Interfaces to almost all ERP, CRM, HR and accounting systems

  • Scalable solution with concurrent-user license model

  • Various add-ons, e.g. workflow, document recognition, contract management and personnel management

  • HABEL DMS is available in eleven languages

  • Industry solutions for manufacturing, retail, logistics, hotels, etc.

Upgrade your HABEL DMS

Take the next step and upgrade your HABEL DMS. Our PROXESS solutions are a perfect fit, allowing you to design your future document processes.

Are you interested in our solution? Our experts are at your disposal!