PROXESS® E-mail Archiving

PROXESS E-mail Archiving automatically archives business-critical e-mails in a legally compliant manner that takes account of data protection. allowing you to conveniently search all e-mails and their attachments. At the same time, you free up space on your e-mail server.

Statutory archiving

Companies are obliged to archive their business-related e-mails. PROXESS E-mail Archiving allows you to easily meet these legal requirements, while saving time and money.

Compatible with MS Exchange and Outlook 365

PROXESS E-mail Archiving supports Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 365. Running it as a service creates stability. Integration into Microsoft Event Log provides a wide range of monitoring options.

Information is available to all

If e-mails are in employees’ local inboxes, they are not always readily and fully to hand when required. PROXESS E-mail Archiving allows colleagues to locate e-mails even after an employee has left the company or if they are on vacation or sick leave. PROXESS E-mail Archiving also makes fiscal audits less stressful. Employees retain full control of their inbox, while everything is conveniently archived in the background.

Automatic e-mail archiving

Incoming and outgoing e-mails in the mailboxes selected for archiving are automatically archived in the background. E-mails from shared mailboxes, multifunctional printers or other third-party devices can also be automatically archived. Existing mailboxes and their e-mails can be retrospectively transferred to the archive.

Editing and sending from the archive

As e-mails and file attachments are archived in their original format, not only can they be reliably displayed via PROXESS Web Client but also edited and resent from there.

Simple, intuitive full-text search

PROXESS Web Client’s convenient full-text search includes metadata and e-mail content as well as the content of any file attachments.

Functions at a glance

  • Compliance with statutory archiving requirements

  • Compatible with MS Exchange and Outlook 365

  • Automatic archiving of incoming and outgoing e-mails

  • Transfer of existing mailboxes
  • E-mails stored in their original format (eml file)

  • Full-text search of e-mails and attachments
  • Archived e-mails edited and sent from the archive

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