PROXESS® Archive

PROXESS Archive is the heart of your document management system, where documents are filed permanently and in a legally secure manner. The browser-based PROXESS Client boasts a tidy, modern interface, convenient search functions and excellent displays. There are also document management and processing functions, such as printing and e-mailing as well as editing and versioning. Integrations in a number of ERP, accounting and CRM systems as well as the MS Office environment also enable all users to conveniently work within their familiar IT landscape.

Convenient search functions

Quick search simultaneously searches metadata and document content. Automatic search term completion helps you enter search terms quickly and effectively. Path search allows you to “click through” to a document using hierarchical directory paths. A new search can be initiated directly from the hitlist, or the search further refined.

File display in the browser

Over 50 different file formats are directly displayed in the browser. Documents can be enlarged, rotated, printed, e-mailed and exported. Just like every other format, e-mails and file attachments can be downloaded and edited in their original format.  Within a document, there are also extensive full-text search functions.

Archiving via drag and drop

Simply drag and drop documents into the archive. For recurring filing scenarios, individual quick trays are configured with pre-assigned index fields.

Edit and version documents

Archived documents and files can be annotated, printed, downloaded and e-mailed. Every time they are edited, they are archived as a new file version. So the original file remains unchanged, thereby guaranteeing legally compliant archiving.

Individual desktop

Users have different needs with respect to the archive. Simply configure your own search masks and hitlists or select the general company templates.

Office integration

Our Office integration provides assistance with the individual archiving and retrieval of documents in your own desktop environment. Documents can be archived directly from Office and Office 365 programs, such as Word or Outlook, or directly from Windows Explorer. For quick ad-hoc searches, simply highlight a search term on your desktop and then browse the archive.

Remote working

Paperwork is digitized and archived quickly and easily using the PROXESS Now app. The app assists users working from home or remotely.

ERP interface

Automatically archive outgoing documents from your ERP system in PROXESS via a standard interface. The metadata is automatically linked to the document as index terms and transferred to the archive.

Functions at a glance

  • Browser-based Web Client

  • Convenient search functions

  • Archiving via drag and drop

  • Transfer of master data for document indexing

  • Integrated display of over 50 common file formats
  • View and edit e-mails in their original format
  • Editing functions, stamps, annotations

  • File versioning (conforms to standard accounting principles)

  • Hitlist filter and grouping

  • Individual search and filing scenarios
  • Integration into MS Office and Office 365 programs

  • Standard ERP interface

  • App for remote working

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