PROXESS Office Integration

PROXESS Office Integration provides numerous options that allow users to individually archive and retrieve documents in their personal desktop: archiving Word or Excel files, archiving documents from Windows Explorer or simultaneous printing and archiving. Or simply highlight a word as a search term on your desktop and click to search the archive for the appropriate documents.

PROXESS Word and Excel Integration

The direct connection between PROXESS and Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel allows you to quickly and securely archive your day-to-day documents, without any additional workflows. Suggestion lists help with indexing and allow you to access document indexing in the archive, which you can then adapt to the individual document. Transferring existing index terms automatically results in transaction-based filing in the archive. Employees retrieving a transaction in the archive always have an overview of all the associated documents. You can use the Office control functions to create Office document templates that support indexing. Specify a document type, the target PROXESS archive or document number, for example. These values will be automatically transferred during archiving.

PROXESS Index Miner

PROXESS Index Miner can be combined with all the PROXESS modules mentioned here. It helps users to assign keywords. It provides a list of suggestions based on a key criterion, such as customer name or order number. This list provides the indexing of content-related documents in PROXESS Archive for transfer to the new document. The appropriate indexing can simply be confirmed at the click of a mouse, individually extended or edited and the document archived.

PROXESS Outlook Integration

PROXESS Outlook Integration allows e-mails to be archived via the Outlook interface. One or several e-mails are selected and filed in PROXESS, along with the associated file attachments. Users autonomously decide whether the indexing is automatic or interactive. This can also be combined with PROXESS Index Miner. Metadata, e-mail text and text-compatible file attachments are then available for quick full-text searches from PROXESS. Depending on the application, e-mails can be filed in a generally accessible or specific user archive. Outgoing e-mails can also be archived at the click of a mouse while being sent. As well as the described PROXESS Outlook Integration, PROXESS E-mail Archiving also has a server-based, automated option for archiving business-related e-mails.

PROXESS Archive Printer

PROXESS Archive Printer allows printable Windows documents to be printed and simultaneously archived as PDF files in PROXESS. Store background images, such as corporate forms, for each document type for the first, following and final pages. Indexing is also supported. Fixed constants, such as employee name or current date, for example, can be automatically transferred. You can also use the PROXESS Index Miner functions for this.

PROXESS Image Link

PROXESS Image Link allows you to archive and index digital images quickly and easily. Via indexing—with the help of Index Miner—the images for the appropriate transaction are filed in PROXESS. On request, fields can also be pre-populated and retained between two archiving processes. A preview function helps with the archiving.

PROXESS Ad-hoc Retrieval

Simply highlight the required search term. A fixed shortcut will trigger a search for the highlighted term from almost every desktop application. This enables a quick and easy full-text search of archived keywords and document content from every application with a Windows interface.

Functions at a glance

  • Direct archiving from MS Word and MS Excel
  • Archiving directly via Windows Explorer

  • E-mail archiving from MS Outlook

  • Simultaneous printing and archiving (PDF)
  • Indexing suggestions to help with manual filing
  • Quick “highlight and search”
  • Convenient image archiving
  • Simple search by highlighting search terms
  • Transaction-based archiving of image files

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