HABEL DMS R21—what’s new?

Combine HABEL DMS and PROXESS Workflow to verify incoming invoices. Automatically archive ZUGFeRD and XRechnung documents. Calmly respond to GDPR inquiries.

HABEL DMS R21 offers optional add-ons and new functions at all levels. For both users and administrators.

Supports ZUGFeRD and XRechnung

Both ZUGFeRD invoices (versions 2.0 and 2.1.1) and XRechnung can be processed using HABEL DMS R21. Both data formats enable the rapid, accurate and automatic indexing of incoming electronic documents, without having to read the contents. The index data provided for both formats is automatically imported into HABEL DMS.

Connection to PROXESS Workflow

HABEL DMS R21 can be combined with PROXESS Workflow. The HABEL capturing module can be used to transfer incoming documents to PROXESS Workflow, as part of an incoming invoice workflow, for example. Once the documents have been digitally processed in PROXESS Workflow, they are transferred to the long-term HABEL archive, along with all the transaction and processing data from the workflow.

GDPR module

Use the GDPR module to automatically send GDPR-related documents to your internal Data Protection Officer via HABEL Workflow. They will then decide the next steps, such as the resubmission and/or deletion of rejected applicant documents after six months, for example. A GDPR archive with document types is also provided, such as information request and data protection incident, for example.

Parallel processing of group post baskets

HABEL group post baskets can now be processed in parallel. While a user is editing a document, only this individual document will now be locked for other group members. This allows several employees to simultaneously work on different documents in a shared group post basket. In addition, the system automatically releases documents that are temporarily unavailable and entries that are incomplete after one day.

Individual ribbon bar for users

The main toolbar has been replaced by a concise ribbon bar. The administrator specifies a standard menu bar that users can individually supplement or amend. Frequently used functions can therefore be operated with a single click.

Improvements to the HABEL Retrieval program

  • The selection window for document types has been enlarged.
  • The search menu display now takes up a lot less space.
  • Search favorites can be directly added or deleted.
  • Search history entries can be deleted.
  • The undocking of the document view (e.g. on a second screen) can be reversed using the main window.

Improvements for administrators

  • Supports the latest version of the Lucene full-text database (Version 8.5.2).
  • Easier and quicker to implement updates
  • Improved performance with large amounts of data
  • Improved password encryption
  • Separate displays for active/inactive users

New features at a glance

  • Supports ZUGFeRD and XRechnung

  • Connection to PROXESS Workflow

  • GDPR module

  • Parallel processing of group post baskets
  • Individual ribbon bar for users
  • Improvements to the HABEL Retrieval program
  • Improvements for administrators

The HABEL DMS R21 webinar provides a detailed introduction to the new functions:

“Our employees can now usually answer customer inquiries and queries immediately. That simply saves us a lot of time and we can concentrate on the essential tasks.”

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