PROXESS 10 has a number of attractive functions for users and administrators. We are constantly developing our DMS. Our release updates mean that you are always using the latest version. But see the new functions of our PROXESS 10 2020R1 and 20200R2 releases for yourself.

PROXESS 10 2020R2

Quicker full-text search

PROXESS is replacing its current integrated Lucene full-text database with the Apache Solr full-text database. This offers much better performance, which significantly improves search times. Apache Solr also allows a separate stand-alone full-text server to be operated for PROXESS.

Use external master data for indexing

Indexing using external master data
Manual indexing via PROXESS Web Client or the PROXESS Desktop Modules allows users to interactively access external master data, for example from their own ERP system. For instance, all the master data for a customer can be automatically transferred to the PROXESS index screen using a key field such as customer name or customer number. Import modules, such as PROXESS Import Service, PROXESS Import Server, PROXESS Web Service & PROXESS Gateway, can also access external master data as part of their automatic batch imports.

Importing external master data

Master data import is a new function of our PROXESS Import Service. External master data from ERP systems, for example, can be transferred and imported into PROXESS via CSV file. The transferred master data is saved in an external PROXESS database and, if configured accordingly, available for indexing documents in all PROXESS archives, i.e. across all databases.

Check-in/check-out function

The new check-in/check-out function allows you to check out files from the archive for local editing on your desktop. All users can continue to retrieve and view files that have been checked out, but other users are unable to edit or amend them. When files that have been checked out are checked back in again, the amended and edited files are automatically archived as new file versions.

Supports up to 1,000 characters

String fields can now be populated with up to 1,000 characters (rather than the previous 255 characters)

New features at a glance

  • Quicker full-text search

  • Indexing with external master data

  • Import of external master data

  • Check-in/check-out function

  • Supports up to 1,000 characters in string fields

PROXESS 10 2020R1

New functions for users

Simple drag and drop archiving
Simply drag and drop one or more files onto the PROXESS Web Client home screen for archiving. It couldn’t be easier!

Exporting hitlists
Do you want to continue using information from the archive externally? Not a problem, because PROXESS hitlists can now be exported as csv files.

Keyboard support when scrolling
To make things even quicker: use the Page Up/Page Down keys + ENTER to scroll through your hitlist. Use the up/down arrows to scroll through the files in the document.

Multiple languages
Our PROXESS user modules are now available in multiple languages. PROXESS Web Client is available in German and English. Other languages can also be easily integrated.

Straightforward installation and configuration

Simplified server installation
System databases are now automatically created during installation. Database templates can also be supplied when using the new OEM mode during installation. OEM mode contains a demo license for 5,000 documents for an immediate system start.

mySQL database support
PROXESS 10 supports Oracle’s free and easy-to-administer mySQL Server database as an additional SQL database.

Wizards for setting up users and archives
Not all administrative tasks take place every day. These include tasks such as creating and managing users, user groups and fields as well as document and file types, for example. We therefore provide assistance with these, and our wizards will guide you through the necessary steps. So you will never overlook any settings.

OEM mode with no security certificate
No smart cards are used in alternative OEM mode and no supervisor certificate is required. This makes it much easier to configure and manage the system.

Server-based OCR text recognition

Our manual OCR text recognition for individual documents has been expanded to include automatic server-based OCR text recognition. The entire text of TIFF and PDF files is automatically read by the system during archiving and can then be retrieved using the full-text search functions in PROXESS. Important for all PROXESS users: full-text recognition can be implemented retrospectively for documents that have already been archived.

New interfaces and integrations

PROXESS Import Service
Our new PROXESS Import Service allows files and their index data to be archived in PROXESS in the background. A script can be used to adapt the processing to many different applications.

PROXESS Launcher
This allows PROXESS Web Client to be used to retrieve and directly call up archived documents from a third-party system interface, such as an ERP system for example.

Direct retrieval and call-up from abas ERP
Documents archived in PROXESS can be directly retrieved from abas ERP. Files are displayed within the abas ERP interface.

Supports barcode type “7 + 1”

In the PROXESS Printer Link, PROXESS Explorer Link and PROXESS Office Link modules, another barcode type, 7 + 1 (7 digits plus 1 verification digit), can now be generated from the Interleaved 2 of 5 type. Barcode recognition in PROXESS Scan Client has also been expanded to include this barcode type. The number ranges for barcode generation are centrally managed in the PROXESS Management Console.

New features at a glance

  • OEM mode with no security certificate
  • mySQL database support
  • Server-based OCR text recognition
  • Simplified server installation
  • Multiple languages

  • Archive configuration wizards

  • Supports barcode type “7 + 1”
  • Drag-and-drop archiving of files in the quick tray
  • Hitlist exporting
  • New PROXESS Import Service
  • Direct call-up of documents from third-party systems using Web Client

  • Retrieval and call-up from abas ERP

“Employee satisfaction at AIL Leasing has been very high since the first day of PROXESS implementation. Because filing and searching for documents is easy and convenient and now takes much less time. Valuable time that employees can now use for other important tasks.”

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