vimopro GmbH

vimopro GmbH is a German IT consulting company in the field of information security, IT security and IT management. In its core business, vimopro has relied on a holistic approach of managed services in the IT infrastructure from the very beginning and has developed into a successful partner for IT security. Our roots in IT service management have made us recognize the need for more security for business processes and a holistic safeguarding of the flow of information in the company. Since then, we have focused on information security management and thus address the concerns of future-oriented medium-sized companies that work digitally and want to protect their added value in the long term. In addition to procedures to increase IT security against external and internal threats, the consulting service considers the legal framework and supports the reduction of complex structures in the IT area. We work hard with our customers to reach the next stage of digitization with information security management and to build a foundation for future challenges.